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Before you start trading crypto you have to know that this market is risky and you must start trading in money you can lose.
For example if your income is 10000 $ and you saved 3000$ so its better to trade in less than 3000$ so if you lose it you will not be effected in your daily life
but maybe you will get angry
but also you have to know that there are many people made money from this market.


  • You have to know some information before you  start trading to be like professional:


1- bitcoin: is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator, started in 2008 by person or group Called Satoshi Nakamato, for all details “HERE”.

2- there are many cryptocurrency like Bitcoin called Altcoin you can trade them like bitcoin.

3- Bitcoin and Altcoin can be created by process called Mining, some Altcoins cant be created and they are fixed number, Maximum bitcoin number can be created is 21,000,000 BTC in 2140.

4- you can buy or sell Bitcoin and Altcoins in Exchange websites like “Referral Links”.

5-  there are some abbreviations better to know before you start trading, click “HERE” to know them.

6- every type of Altcoin has its goal so you shall see it before you buy to know is it important or no? Do it has future with this economy or not?


  • Start trading:
    A- Open Account:


1- Sign Up: open new account in cryptocurrency exchange website, like “Referral Link”.

2- Trader account Levels: after you open new account you will be one of trader in this website but most of exchange websites have levels for the traders account, for example 1st level will let you deposit and withdraw crypto with 1 BTC daily limit, 2nd level will do the same but with more limit like deposit or withdraw 2-10 BTC daily…etc. this depends on the website.

3- buy cryptocurrency with money: most of exchange website don’t accept money for trading, they just accept cryptocurrency to be used in their websites. Here are some websites accept money to be used in their exchange.

4- Credit Card: some websites accept credit cards in their website like “Referral websites”.

5- Verification Account: also in case of depositing money in exchange website you have to get 2nd or 3rd level as trader to be able depositing money, after ID verifications which may take more than 1-2 months depending on exchange website, this is to prevent money laundering.


  • Start trading:
    B- pick cryptocurrency:


1- first you have to check all cryptocurrency then to make list about what you need to invest in then to buy it.

2- checking cryptocurrency means to check all below:

A- market cap of the coin/token, if its big it needs more people to buy until it hit big numbers.

B- check its history if it hit high number before.

C- check its team; every time it has big team and strong coin/token will be strong and may hit big number later on.
D- check its joint venture with other companies and banks.

E- check this coin for what; if its smart contract like Ethereum or Neo, or its about privacy like Zcash, or very fast transaction like Litecoin, so you have to check which one is being required from the market then you can pick it.



  • Start trading:


1- Buying Cryptocurrency: You have to make sure its in lowest price or its increasing because of big demand.

2- selling Cryptocurrency: when you see that its not increasing or you got satisfied profit you can sell your coins.

3- losing: if you see that you are losing; you can sell it and lose some of your money instead of losing all or to HODL it.


  • Start trading:
    D- HODL:


Hodl means to hold all of your coins even its losing its value.

A lot of cryptocurrency Professional Traders HODL their coins since this market is new market and its increasing and decreasing depending on some news and projects.

So your last chance of trading is to HODL your coins until your coins come back and hit new records.

We in CRYPTONIOM trading cryptocurrency and most of the time HODL our coins to support cryptocurrency world

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