China is the most countries affected cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology and we can see that in 2018 there are 10 Chinese universities opened Blockchain courses which will affect and urge wheel of Blockchain Technology and adoption especially in country has more than 1.8 billion population.

Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Association disclosed in “2018 China Blockchain Industry Report” that ten universities of China have opened Blockchain courses and they are:

1- Tsinghua University.

2- Peking University.

3- Zhejiang University.

4- Tongji University (1907)

5- Wuhan University.

6- Central University of Finance and Economics.

7- Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

8- Xi’an Jiaotong University (1896).

9- Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (1917).

10- Shanghai Jiaotong University.

this year 2018 is the highest level of Blockchain courses provider compared to previous years which will give us new indicator that universities and collages start adopting Blockchain Technology that will increase Blockchain developer and Entrepreneurship.

“new decade is coming for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology”- Cryptoniom

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