Starting next week, KFC in Venezuela will begin accepting dash payments, adding to the number of food outlets in the country that are taking crypto.

The restaurant that will initially be rolling out this operation is located in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, more specifically in the Chacao Municipality, before the chain expands to 24 other locations in the South American country. Aiding this is Alejandro Echeverría, the co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text.

For the last three months, Echeverría and his team have been managing the partnership with KFC, further increasing the adoption of dash in Venezuela.

Having a globally recognized brand such as KFC accepting dash payments in Venezuela is a great achievement for cryptocurrency and further validation of the continuing trend of dash adoption not only from a user perspective, but now merchants as well, he said.

According to Echeverría, people are choosing to use dash for their daily transactions because it’s a working payment solution that’s easy to use. Figures from DiscoverDash, a dash merchant listing site, show that in less than a year there are 2,427 merchants listed as accepting dash, with that number continuing to grow.

“The dash movement is spreading and growing fast in Venezuela,” Echeverría continued. “First it was food trucks and small family businesses that started to adopt dash for payments, now we’re attracting more established businesses.”

Some of which include the likes of Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Traki, a department store that is considered the Walmart of Venezuela.


Source: Forbes

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