Carrefour the French multinational retailer who owns  around 12,300 locations worldwide to use IBM Blockchain technology to track with the aim or pioneering tractability system in distribution sector

This technology is applied for the first time in Spain country to a product of its brand (Poultry): campero chicken .

It will use the technologies from IBM with collaboration of the Galician company Coren.

As Carrefour has announced they are launching in Spain the first blockchain food traceability system in one of its products: the campero chicken reared without antibiotic treatments. The company thus becomes a pioneer in the use of this storage and information transmission technology that allows the tracking of an article in all stages of production, transformation and distribution, reaching the highest levels in food safety.

According to Jorge Ybarra, Food Commercial Director: “Becoming the leader in the food transition for all is the ambition of Carrefour and the use of blockchain technology allows us to advance in the realization of this objective, since it responds to a priority of the group: guarantee consumers the traceability of our products with total transparency “.

Blockchain offers the possibility of accessing a secure database and distributed in blocks containing the history of all the actors in the chain and their exchanges during the creation and distribution of a product.

This allows information to be managed in a transparent, inviolable way and through independent data.

Transparent and secure information

In the specific case of the chicken “Quality and Origin”, a QR code is included in its label, which is scanned through the smartphone.

This allows the consumer to know information about this product such as, the date of birth of the chicken, the mode of breeding, the location of the farm, the food that has been received, the packaging process or the date on which the that has reached the Carrefour stores.

The benefits of blockchain technology applied to the distribution sector are numerous for consumers.

Because it responds to the need to offer them greater visibility on food safety, trust and health guarantee. The advantages over the product are the immediate accessibility to information, control and efficiency.

Finally, for the supplier, as it allows to have a 360º view of the entire distribution process and to value the quality of the product.

With IBM technology and COREN support

Carrefour, has built an application which offers its customers secure information about the product, in this case, the chicken campero.

Carrefour is a founding member of the IBM Food Trust platform, which aims to implement a global standard of food traceability in all links of the supply chain and is the decisive step in the development of Act for Food the global program with initiatives concrete steps in favor of the food transition.

Coren, Cooperativas Orensanas, is one of the reference suppliers for Carrefour. The Galician cooperative society sells its products in the chain’s establishments and also makes its own brand articles for the distribution company.

The commitment to the food blockchain will be extended during the coming months, as the distribution company plans to apply this technology to other “Quality and Origin” products.

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