Mithril (MITH) token is now available for trading on Binance Exchange , As Binance announced at their official website he Mithril team will donate a 20,000 BNB equivalent amount to the Blockchain Charity Foundation in appreciation for this listing.

Total Supply is 1 Billion MITH while the current circulating supply is around 40% of the total supply.

Mithril aims to construct an comprehensive ecosystem that revolves arouond MITH. Users will be able to acquire MITH through social mining, manage their assets effortlessly and further spend MITH in various real-life scenarios.

but, What is Social Mining?

Social Mining is an all-new mining concept that Mithril has created with the intention to reward all content creators. On platforms that supports social mining, users can acquire MITH through producing and uploading content as well as interacting with other users. ‘Lit’ is the first-ever platform that supports social mining. Other social mining platforms are currently under discussion and development. We will soon be able to share some great news with everyone.

Worth mentioning also that Mithril announced a strategic partnership on 8/7/2018 with M17 Entertainment, a global media company with over 40MM users and a large network of content creators.

Mithril Vault, a software wallet that allows users to store, stake, spend, and exchange MITH tokens, was released in June 2018 and has roughly 6,400 users and 1,300+ DAUs.




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